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Diogo Romeiro é parceiro do Wiesner Die Goldschmiede que trabalha com Mokume-gane na Alemanha

Markus Wiesner, the younger of the two Wiesner brothers, has been a master goldsmith since 2000. Since 2006, he has been forging wedding rings and jewellery in the mokume gane technique with growing passion and dedication.
In addition to Mokume Gane jewellery, Markus Wiesner also makes very classical pieces of jewellery, wedding rings, as well as individual pieces for our customers.
The Wiesner own collections, star sign jewellery, mummy rings, mokume gane wedding rings and engagement rings, family rings and much more is completely made by Markus Wiesner in his own workshop. 

Conheça mais do seu trabalho em https://www.wiesner-schmuck.de/



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